MN404, Fundamentals of Operating Systems and Java Programming

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    Assignment1:  UML Use Cases and Operating System/Computer components

    Assignment 1 Specification
    Business case studies: You are required to answer all two case studies.
    Case study 1: UML Use cases
    In a Learning Management System (LMS), e.g. Moodle, use cases define the interaction that takes place between students/teachers and LMS. Given figure shows an example use case diagram for an LMS subsystem. The Student actor represents the class of all students who will use the LMS subsystem. When you use the LMS to upload an assignment, you are an instance of Student using a particular instance of the use case Upload assignment. The student sitting next to you is another instance of Student, who will use the different instance of the use case Upload assignment. Someone else may use the instance of use case Delete the submission or Add a comment. You may successfully upload assignment from the LMS, but the student sitting next to you may find that file size is too large, and the use case instance will proceed a different course from yours, rejecting the request.
    Diagram shows the actor (Student) and use cases (Upload assignment, Delete the submission and Add a comment)
    Note – The term scenarios is used to refer to the different possible courses that different instances of the same use case might take.

    • List at least two scenarios for each of the given use cases.
    • List four other use cases for the Student actor and two scenarios for each use case   (other than the ones given in Q1.) for an LMS system.
    • Specify four use cases possible for an LMS system for an actor Teacher and two scenarios for each use case.

    Case study 2: (Computer components and the Operating System)
    To use your knowledge of modern computing components to select the appropriate components to create a number of computers.

    • Identify the cost of building a computer using components bought individually from a store. You should create a Bill of Materials (including URLs to an online shop) including the cost of the individual components and the total cost for your system.

    You should ensure that the components are compatible, and include a case.
    You should select the components to match each of the following profiles and budgets.

    1. A server computer (you should ensure you use ECC memory) (max $2200) to be used in a doctor’s clinic, serving multiple doctors.
    2. A client computer (max $650) that would be used in the doctor’s clinic by doctors and receptionists.

    You should briefly describe why the choices you have made would be appropriate for each of the computers.
    The cheapest computer should be relatively small.

    • Identify an appropriate hardware backup solution for the server computer, as well as a process to ensure that the backups are performed regularly, and are secure.

    Identify possible risks associated with doing backups and how your strategy overcomes them.
    Write each report under the headings given in marking criteria.


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