MN502, Security Challenges in Emerging Networks

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    Assignment Description
    The purpose of this assignment is to develop skills to independently think of innovation. In this assignment students will first learn how to develop knowledge based on current state of the art of an emerging knowledge domain. Then they will learn how to identify plausible security issues in this emerging technology and finally learn the skill of adding knowledge to existing domain by theoretically developing the corresponding protection mechanism for a particular issue.
    Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging area in computer networking. Internet of Things could refer to a network of devices with embedded technology including Sensors, Radio Frequency Identification tags, actuators, with the ability to continuously sense and exchange data to perform a range of tasks. The IoT will have a major impact on aspects of everyday-lives and behaviour of users. Security of Internet of Things is a prime concern.
    This assignment includes four part

    Literature review on Internet of Things (IoT)

    You need to write 800 word literature on IoT. Your literature should be supported by at least three (3) academic (Journal/Conference) papers chosen from the current state of the art.

    Analyse critically, three current or future security issues in IoT.

    In this section you will analyse critically, three security issues in Internet of Things. These issues could be taken from the current state of the art or could be evolved from your own independent innovative thinking. This section must be supported by at least three (3) references.

    Propose a possible solution for one of the threats identified in section (2).

    In this part you need to apply knowledge to the existing knowledge domain of IoT. You need to choose one of the issues identified in the previous section and propose a possible solution to this particular security issue.

    Create a 3 – 5 minutes presentation and present your work during the Lab.

    You have to create a 3 – 5 minutes presentation to present your work in front of your class fellows and tutor during the Lab in Week 11.
    Submission Guidelines
    The assignment should be submitted on the Moodle in two separate files:

    1. The report should be submitted as a Word file
    2. The presentation should be submitted as a PPT file
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