MRKT 20057 Global Business Marketing

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    Task Description – Team PPT presentation with voice over and Word written assessment
    Organize yourself into teams of 2 or 3 people. For Assessment 3, your group is expected to choose ONE of the countries and ONE of the products that you worked on in Assessment 2 where you will go to the market and explain the rationale for your choice.
    You will then provide recommendations for the following:

    Market selection and entry strategy

    Competitive strategy

    Pricing strategy

    Promotion strategy

    Distribution strategy

    Concluding recommendations

    You are expected to read widely to support your analysis and justify your recommendations. You must include at least 15 references to support your ideas. I suggest you use the CQUniversity library database, industry reports, and Google Scholar to find journal articles. Remember to reference them in-text as you use them and add them immediately to your reference list. You must use APA Referencing and if using Endnote, you need to download and use the latest version.
    Instructions for your written Word document with references

    Please use Times New Roman with font 12 and 1.5 line spacing

    You need to upload this Word (.doc or .docx file format) document in Moodle under Assessment 3 and also a copy of your PPT slides (.ppt or .pptx file format).

    Instructions for the PPT slides (10 minutes oral presentation or voice-over)

    The oral presentation or voice-over should be a maximum of 10 minutes to discuss the above.

    Use the marking criteria for this assessment as a guide to include what is needed in the slides.

    You do not need to read the in text referencing or references at the end of the slides when presenting your oral or recording your voice-over for the PPT presentation.

    As far as possible, as this is a team effort, we would like to hear all voices of the students involved in the group especially on the metro campuses. For distance education students, we would understand if this is not possible.

    On-campus (internal) students will be presenting their PPT presentations in class time during Weeks 11 and 12.

    Distance students are required to provide a voice-over on your slides (see notes below).

    Assessment Criteria

    Criteria Maximum Mark
    Market selection and entry strategy 10%
    Competitive strategy 20%
    Pricing strategy 10%
    Promotion strategy 20%
    Distribution strategy 10%
    Concluding recommendations 10%
    Academic Quality:  10%
    Professionalism: Professional PowerPoint Presentation. Including title slide with student names, student numbers, unit code and name, campus, term and year and assessment number AND introducing team members and what will be covered in the presentation. Your introduction needs to also introduce the country you have chosen and the product. 10%
    Total grade out of 100%
    Reduced to a grade out of 30

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