NIT1204 Web Application and Server Management Assignment

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    Assignment 1
    Assessment Overview

    You are to develop from the beginning a web site about yourself. This web site provides certain required details about you. You will design and develop your web site with NetBeans using PHP, HTML and Cascading Style Sheets.

    This assignment is worth 25% of the total marks for the unit. Students complete the assignment individually.
    The purpose of this assignment is for you to build a Web site that will contain some details about yourself, e.g., languages spoken, number of mobile phones owned, etc.
    This assignment involves creation of three PHP files corresponding to the three pages of your web site and all are connected to an external CSS file. You will need to determine how your site will be designed and then you will develop the pages using PHP, HTML and CSS.
    The pages and CSS file you will develop are explained below.
    Home page (.php file)
    The first page of your site the user sees will be a home page. This page will be a welcome to the site. You will explain to the user what the site is about. The content of the page will include at least two paragraphs.
    You will include a text field where the user will enter their name. You must prompt (ask) the user for their name. However, they will simply type their name into that text field and press Enter to continue with the application (there should be no submit button that the user has to click to continue with the application).
    The word limit for this page is 130 – 150 words. You must keep the number of words within this range.
    Personal details page (.php file)
    Begin this page with an appropriate heading (as all pages of the site will have) reflecting that this page deals with your personal details.
    At the top of the page you will welcome the user by referring to them by the name they entered on the home page.
    The page will show the following details:

    •   The town/city where you were born
    •   The country where you were bornDr G. Raikundalia
      This assignment guide must only be used for the purposes of completing the assignment, and not used elsewhere or in other places.
    NIT1204 2016 Assignment 1
    •   Languages you can speak
    •   What sports you are interested in
    •   What television programs you likeThe above details must be shown within a definition list1. There will be one definition list for all the above details. You need to set each definition term part of the list to be a field; this field indicates what data follows the definition term. You will then use the definition parts of the list to show the actual data. For instance, the field in one definition term for the languages you speak could be “Languages spoken:” and the data associated with that field is a set of one or more languages that you speak. Change the colour of the definition terms (only the definition terms) to some other colour than the default black colour.
      Ownership page (.php file)
      This page shows your ownership of different items.
      Like the previous page, show a heading at the top of the page followed by a welcome referring to their name they entered on the home page.
      The ownership information about items will be shown in a table. There will be one table in the page to show all the following information, where all numbers reflect totals for items owned both in the past as well as now:
    •   Number of mobile phones owned
    •   Number of laptop computers owned
    •   Number of desktop computers owned
    •   Number of tablet computers ownedWork out exactly how you will show the above information in this table.
      If you have not owned any of the above items, you may invent fictitious data. For instance, if you have never owned a tablet, you can state that the number of tablets is some made up number.
      Cascading Style Sheet
      You must use an external CSS file for formatting used for all web pages.
      All pages of the site will contain the following: a heading on every page to convey what that page is about.
      Ensure that you use appropriate names for all files of the site. Avoid file names that reflect that they are about a university assignment, but instead reflect what their purpose is in the site.
      Also ensure that file contents are laid out properly and neatly and that all code is indented consistently and properly.
      1 If you cannot recall what a definition list was when you learnt HTML, you will need to look this up. 2
    NIT1204 2016 Assignment 1
    Important issues
    Do not include any images in your site. Using images from other sites where permission is not granted will violate copyright associated with those images. No marks are being awarded for use of images.
    It is without a doubt that students could be able copy text or other material from the other sites and include it, as it is, in their own sites. This would be a clear case of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty that in this case would involve theft of material, and this would result in penalisation of the student.
    To avoid students plagiarising material from other sites, and therefore prevent penalisation of students, all content that is used in the student’s site must be totally written in their own words. It is not allowable for students to use the source material, in the form it has been written at the source site, within the student’s site.
    You should watch the plagiarism-related videos placed on VU Collaborate to assist you in avoiding plagiarism.
    Assignment Mode
    Students carry out the assignment individually. Students must not share any part of their work with each other.
    NIT1204 2016 Assignment 1
    Marking Scheme
    You must test that your pages work in the browser. It is recommended to test each page on both browsers. Note below that there are marks for getting the pages to work in the browser and you must debug any errors to avoid loss of marks.
    Home page
    Design and coding 1 Content 1 Text field and its associated prompt and functionality 2 Page viewable (i.e., actually works) in browser 2
    Personal details page
    Design and coding 1 Content 7 Personal details page viewable (i.e., actually works) in browser 2
    Ownership page
    Design and coding 1 Content 6 Ownership page viewable (i.e., actually works) in browser 2
    One external CSS applied to all pages 2
    Heading on every page 1 Relevant naming of all files used in site 1 Layout and indentation of files 1


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