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    OL668 Human Resources In Global Contexts is a course that focuses on the study of human resource management (HRM) practices in global contexts. It covers topics such as international staffing, cross-cultural management, and managing diversity in global organizations.

    The course examines the challenges that multinational corporations face when managing human resources in different countries, including differences in cultural norms, legal systems, and labor markets. It also explores the role of HRM in promoting organizational effectiveness, enhancing employee engagement, and supporting strategic business objectives.

    Students in this course may learn about the following topics:

    1. Global HRM strategies: Students learn about the different approaches that multinational corporations can take to manage their human resources in different countries. This includes the use of expatriate assignments, local hiring, and global talent management.
    2. Cross-cultural management: Students learn about the challenges of working with people from different cultural backgrounds, and how to develop cross-cultural competencies to navigate these differences.
    3. International staffing: Students learn about the process of selecting, training, and managing employees who work in different countries, and the legal and regulatory issues that arise in international HRM.
    4. Diversity and inclusion: Students learn about the importance of managing diversity and promoting inclusion in global organizations, and the benefits of having a diverse workforce.
    5. Ethics and corporate social responsibility: Students learn about the ethical issues that arise in global HRM, including labor standards, human rights, and environmental sustainability, and how to address these issues in corporate social responsibility initiatives.

    Overall, OL668 Human Resources In Global Contexts is a course that prepares students for careers in global HRM, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to manage people in different cultural, legal, and economic contexts.

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