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    People form an integral part of the organization and are of paramount importance when it comes to its success. The efficiency of any organization depends on the efficiency of its human resource. Due to which it becomes important to have right number and right kinds of people at the right places, at the right time.

    And in order to choose right people at right place, the need for recruitment and selection process arises. Recruitment and selection process is one of the most important strategic functions of management. Often the terms are used together but are different in nature. Recruitment is concerned with attracting qualified candidates to apply for job whereas selection involves choosing the most suitable candidate for the job.

    The project report is about evaluating or assessing the effectiveness of apple’s recruitment strategy in terms of theory and literature on attracting as well as recruiting staff. The main purpose is to understand the behavior as well as technique used in hiring staff. 


    Apple inc. is the world’s best known IT Company headquartered in Cupertino, California. It basically involves in developing, designing and selling computer software, hardware and consumer electronics etc. It was founded by partner college dropouts in USA; Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs on April 1, 1976 to develop personal computers. Just two year later, it became one of the fastest growing companies in USA with Macintosh software. Its popular products include mac, i-phone, i-pod, i-pad, apple watch, apple TV, software, electric vehicles etc.

    It is the world’s largest IT Company by revenue and world’s largest technology company by total assets. The company employs 115,000 permanent full time employees as on July 2015 and maintains 478 retail stores in 17 countries as of march 2016.


    At Apple, employees are specialists in their field and are not exposed to functions outside their area of expertise. Steve jobs found it as the way of having best in class employees in every role. The company is also known for enforcing accountability. According to which each and every project is kept under one person, who in turns becomes directly responsible for its good and bad. Other than this, unlike other major U.S. companies Apple provides a relatively simple compensation policy for executives that do not include perks enjoyed by other CEOs. The company typically grants stock options to executives every other year. With so many ways to contribute, chances are good that one find a way to do what one love. They need the best of the best to create hardware and software, and expect nothing less from the people who market, support and manage their products, their process, and their people. (Misgeld, 1996) 


    Apple inc. being one of the top most companies in the world can be incredibly demanding when it comes to recruitment of their staff. The process generally varied from one job to another due to different requirements. The process is said to be lengthy and grueling because the people here are supposed to not just create products but to create wonder’s that revolutionized the entire industries. The basic steps in recruitment process at apple include:


    It is the first occasion when the applicants come in contact with the officials of company. The interview is done to make sure that whether the person is suitable or not. The candidates are asked about their background, educational qualification and other professional achievements. A preliminary interview helps in determining the personality traits as well as the key elements that drive a person as an individual essential for making the right employer match.

    The preliminary interview consists of a total of 3 screenings calls and a total of 5 face time interviews. Each of the five face time interviews are taken as one on one interview with professional team members. At the end of each interview, a person is given some time to ask for any query if they have. 

    2.     CV-PROFILE:

    After the screening calls and one to one face time talks with professional members, the next important stage in process of recruitment includes professional CV profile that highlights the key qualities as well as the background of potential employees in the written form. It enables the personnel department to draw tentative inferences about the applicant’s suitability for employment. The information collected through CV and preliminary interviews may also be circulated to various members of selection committee and to the head of related department to make a view on a person’s ability to fulfill the job requirement. 

    3.     JOB INTERVIEW:

    It is the third and the last stage of the recruitment process. The information provided through preliminary interviews and CV profile may not be sufficient to make final selection. Hence, personal interview is taken to know more about a candidate and to provide him the information regarding the job and job environment. Interviews allowed the interviewers to judge certain qualities of the candidate required for a job, before he is selected.

    It basically involves a full day in-personal interview in Cupertino, California. The whole process of interview is kept organized and the interviewers are quite professional and well trained in their work. The interviews are designed to be technically competent and involve a number of interviewers asking questions one by one because at the end all they are looking for top talents. 


    The recruitment process as well as the strategy documents a wide range of areas about engineering, design and work ethic at Apple. It provides a glimpse of Apple’s headquarter and corporate culture that has never seen before.

    • It will gives us an inside look of how new ideas and innovations are developed at apple by using the top talent of the world.
    • It depicts the company’s expectation towards its present as well as the future employees on one hand while on the other hand it conveys to the potential employees, what the company’s culture is like.
    • It also describes the important characteristics a candidate should possess in order be a part of world’s best IT company which might includes being the best in your field, always think out of the box or better to say that the word ‘box’ does not exist for them, trusting fellow employees, not to settle for anything less than the best, desire to learn and last but not the least adaptability to changes etc.
    • The employees feel grateful to be a part of the best IT Company that constantly strives to create products that can change the world.
    • In order to bring new ideas and innovations into practice, the employees so involve themselves that they becomes expertise in that particular field. (“Inside Apple: how America’s most admired–and secretive–company really works”, 2012)


    Recruitment being the important part of human resource management, the report will helps in understanding various aspects of recruitment strategy adopted by apple. Apple is no doubt, amongst the top most companies of the world so, it is important that company should aware of all its recruitment sources to choose the best people. Apple takes affirmative action to offer employment and advancement opportunities to all applicants. Moreover, the report also determines the relation between the company’s organizational structure and its recruitment policy.

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