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    Description and Purpose:

    The purpose of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to visit a sporting/entertainment event/activity and evaluate the key elements comprising the experience based on information learned during class. Your task is to apply classroom material to a real-world sport/leisure setting. For this assignment, you are to visit/attend a sport/entertainment event or facility and perform a qualitative assessment of the spectator/participant experience. By analyzing the activity you should heighten your understanding of consumers’ reactions to the activity or event and understand how to better meet customers’ needs (adapted from Gibson, 2014).


    Complete each of the following five sections.

    1) Briefly describe the organization. Identify what the organization has to offer customers. Identify key aspects of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (do a SWOT, and include a chart in an Appendix).

    2) Describe the customer base (demographics, psychographics, etc.). Identify customer segments and identify the organization’s target market(s). What really attracts customers to this activity/event and how they are attracted to the activity/event? Try to find out what influences customers’ overall experiences. What aspects of the activity/event do you think customers find most/least appealing? What aspects of the activity/event most influence customers’ satisfaction?

    3) Observe the organization and the organization’s staff. What does the organization do well? What do they do poorly? How effectively did the organization meet customers’ needs? Do they offer what customers want? Are there ways in which the services could be managed or performed more effectively? Report your key observations.

    4) Based on your observations, make some recommendations that seem appropriate for improving the fan/participant experience. What will keep customers satisfied? What will it take to bring them back and encourage others to attend/participate? Base your recommendations on what you found through your observations.


    Do the assignment from a manager’s perspective rather than a fan’s perspective.

    Summarize your impressions by placing emphasis on the evaluation rather than mere descriptions.

    Be sure to tie your evaluations to the things that we have learned in class.

    This report should be no longer than 5 double-spaced pages (exclusive of Title Page, Bibliography, Appendices).

    Due Date and Evaluation:
    The Sport/Entertainment Experience Audit is worth 25 marks of the final grade, and will be evaluated as follows:

    5 marks           Mechanics and Technical Features – sentence and paragraph structure, grammar, spelling, proper bibliographic citation format (APA format is required), completeness.

    20 marks         Application to Topic – appropriateness of resource in relation to topic chosen, use of general guidelines for writing this assignment.

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