S2B User Registrations & Profiling PHP assignment

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    Project brief: The project is to develop user registrations & profiling for the S2B portal.

    Founded in late 2015, S2B Connect are all about building a community. The S2B Connect team are really passionate about being the enabler of a community of users that work together by linking our students of today to businesses that value innovative leaders of tomorrow.

    This community style platform encourages both students and business professionals to come together in order to find suitable matches for internships, and part-time job opportunities. The business benefits by having the opportunity to hire or provide opportunities to students who have a proven attitude, and demonstrated skill sets.

    Students have the opportunity to really start to build a professional profile on the S2B platform that collates details of their tertiary study experience, external work or community experience and include relevant skills obtained in other areas of life that contribute to knowledge building.

    S2B is the pre-career student work experience and network service, enabling students to build employability skills throughout their study to successfully transition into the workplace through a number of individual work experience placements and internship opportunities.

    The Problem: students not being able to obtain and then certify any employability skills prior to seeking a permanent, full-time job. Businesses not being able to easily access qualified students for short-term projects or full time jobs.

    The project is to build the student and business registration page for the portal.

    The following table lists important categories of information and recommended attributes that need to be captured during Registration.

    A detailed registration outline will be made available at the time of beginning this project.

    PHP, HTML, JavaScript and SQL.

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