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Using theory, critically reflect upon role of consumers in modern slavery social marketing assignment help

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Subject – Marketing Assignment Help Topic Of Essay: Topic Of Essay: Using theory, critically reflect on the role of consumers in modern slavery. Discuss its key features and how you can create a social marketing campaign to make consumers in Singapore aware of the problems. Assessment Criteria For The Assignment: Critical insight into the role of [...]


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Section 1 & 2 (100-150 words max) Brief background and introduction to your product/innovation please include image/figure or sketch of your product if you feel it is necessary to describe the innovation. Most of this information is already with you (This information is there in A1 so need not to be very descriptive, be short and [...]

Functions of marketing- Assignment help !

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INTRODUCTION: Marketing is a vital function of management. The  concept of marketing has the broader scope. It makes the economy firm and stable. Marketing is based on the concerning about the trade in terms of client's needs and their satisfaction. Marketing is made up of different activities known as marketing functions. Marketing functions are those activities [...]