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    Section 1 & 2

    (100-150 words max)

    Brief background and introduction to your product/innovation please include image/figure or sketch of your product if you feel it is necessary to describe the innovation.

    Most of this information is already with you (This information is there in A1 so need not to be very descriptive, be short and to the point).

    Section 3 &4 – Market and customers, Market Size and Trend

    (250-300 words + figures & tables)

    Specify total market potential and customers, show the market trend and extrapolate the future market.

    Section 5 Target Market & Customer.

    (200 words + Tables & figures)

    Describe the geographical region to start the business, justify your selection with statistics and data. Expansion potential & strategies. Is this market expanding/growing?


    Section 5/6 /7 Competitive Analysis and Estimated Market share

    (250 words+ figures & tables)

    Describe the competitive environment. Who else is in the market place and what are their strengths and weaknesses compared to yours? Include at least 2 analysis (SWOT, PEST, 5 force Analysis) Describe your distribution strategy.

    Section 8 Finance forecast (Profit & Loss)

    50-100 words + figures & tables)

    What are your estimated sales volumes, profit margins, overhead expenses etc.

    Section 9 & 10 Finance Forecast (Cash Flow)

    Identify capital and other expenditure items required to implement the idea and estimate the timing/milestones. (Table only).

    External funding – Grants/sponsorship etc. Duration of funding (Table or 50-75 words).

    Section 10 Finance Forecast (Break even Analysis)

    Break even graph + explanation (50 words)

    Section 11 Conclusions (50-75 words only)

    You can put all the data as an appendix.

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