7026CEM – Security of Emerging Connected Systems

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    Security of Emerging Connected Systems Assignment help

    Task and Mark distribution:

    You are given access to an IoT environment named “DefACO”, representing a home owned by early adopters in the current move to “smart homes”. The devices are all from a single manufacturer and you are required to evaluate the security aspects of the system before marketing and sale of the devices.

    You will be given access to a testbed network to perform a practical security audit as well as associated documentation for review.
    There are three pieces in this CW, you MUST do all of them, more details will follow later in this document:

    1. Analysis of ALL possible issues or vulnerabilities in the system. (40%).
    2. Analysis of two of those possible issues or vulnerabilities according to OWASP. (40%).
    3. Listing some information related to the system. (10%).

    And the report style is (10%). This will be a total of 100%.

    Task Breakdown

    1. A security evaluation report on the test-bed system. This is a “white-box” analysis, so you should execute it as a security review rather than penetration test. You can examine any of the files and materials you are given, but any security vulnerability should be demonstrated with a proof-of-concept (PoC) attack that would work without the information gained through white-box testing. Make sure you consider more than just direct attacks on the devices. Also consider what information is exposed about the consumer.

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