CMU202 Marketing Communications

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    Code: CMU202 

    Subject: Marketing Communications

    Individual Assignment Instructions
    Type: Individual Report.

    Task Description:
    Select a well-known brand that you are familiar with. You could choose one from the Banking, Airline, Hospitality, Fashion, Automotive, Technology or FMCG industries.

    Undertake individual research and complete both Part A and Part B of the assignment.

    Submit both parts on to Turn-It-In as one file.
    Part A: Research assignment
    Research and write a 2,000-word individual report that uses a selected reputable brand to describe and analyse brand elements, brand equity, the brand’s market positioning, brand loyalty activities, potential threats to the brand.
    Suggested Report Format
    • Brief snapshot history of the brand
    • Brand elements (logo, slogan, attributes, values etc)
    • Brand equity (financial value of brand, trends in brand value, value compared to main competitors)
    • Market positioning (USP, competitive advantage, target markets etc)
    • Brand loyalty activities (loyalty programs, social media communities etc)
    • Potential threats to the brand (competition, economics, technology, changing market needs etc)
    • Summary and future outlook for the brand
    • Bibliography

    Part B: Media Plan
    You are also required to develop and submit a 12-month integrated marketing communications plan for a campaign relating to the brand.
    The media plan should include the following elements and should be NO LONGER THAN 1000 words in length. The emphasis in the plan should be on the media selection and the rationale for it in terms of the strategic marketing task and the exposure required within the target segment. The report should include details of:

    • Media/Communication objectives (target audience, frequency, reach, coverage, key message objectives)
    • Justification/Rationale for media selection (using relevant research, role in customer journey and advertising theory)
    • Media schedule (justification for schedule proposed and inclusion of schedule for first year of launch)
    • Media measurement (evaluation measures to be used to determine media success and contingency planning)
    • An indication of likely media costs
    A media plan template will be available on Moodle. Complete this template and include it in your plan. (You could take a snippet of the plan and insert it as an image)


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