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    Deliverables to be submitted for assessment:

    The results of the above Tasks need to be submitted, i.e.:
    • Your case scenario, the list of enterprise rules being represented within your EER Diagram, and the whole conceptual database design.
    • The logical database design that follows from your conceptual database design.
    • A print out of each of the tables (i.e., the extension of each table) that you have created in ORACLE and the SQL code required to create them (including the code for the integrity rules).
    • A print out of the SQL code required in order to create the four indexes. You should provide a short written section justifying your choice of indexes.
    • A print out of each of the six queries you devised, showing both the SQL query statement and the query result. You should provide a brief explanation of what you expect each query to achieve and why you think this query is relevant to your case scenario.
    • Your arguments on the data-centred approach.
    • Your evaluation of data models.

    ONE electronic copy containing all of the above aspects must be submitted for summative assessment via Blackboard’s TurnitIn. You are permitted to attach a small amount of additional and appropriate evidence to support one or more of your claims, should this be necessary.

    Sometime after submission, you may be asked to attend a viva lasting for up to 15 minutes with one or more tutors. You may be selected for a viva for a variety of reasons; for instance, to verify that the work you have submitted is understood/written by you, to clarify aspects of the work to aid marking or just because you were randomly selected. Your mark may go up or down as a result of a viva. Failure to attend a viva, if you have been asked to do so, may result in you obtaining zero marks for the entire assessment.

    How the work will be marked:

    In order to achieve a 70%+ (Distinction) grade, the work must be excellent in almost all respects, only very minor limitations.
    In order to achieve a 60-69% (Merit) grade, the work should show strength in most respects. Whilst there may have some limitations in one or two areas, it is still a very good piece of work.

    In order to achieve a 50-59% (Pass) grade, the work should be of a satisfactory standard, showing strength in some areas, but typically let down by some other aspects.

    A 0-49% (Fail) grade will be given where the work contains serious errors/limitations. (0% is used either when nothing is correct or no attempt is made.)

    Please refer to the criteria marking grid bellow for the details of the assessment of the work.

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