MKT103A – Integrated Marketing Communications

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    Code – MKT103A

    Subject – Integrated Marketing Communications

    Assessment 3- Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign Plan

    Part A – Written Campaign – 2000 words (+/-10%) 

    Part B – Campaign Pitch – 10 minutes (+/- 10%)

    This assessment has been designed for you to apply the skills and theory you have learned by creating an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan for a real client, which your MKT103A Assessment 3 Brief Page 2 of 9 group will select. You will use the insights you have gained through the reflection analyses in assessments 1 and 2, and apply them to create an IMC plan to suit the client’s needs.
    The focus of this assessment task is on the application of IMC theory to a case study (your client), and on demonstrating your creativity in the design of an integrated communication campaign based around a budget. This focus needs to be present in both, your written campaign and your campaign pitch.
    Both parts of this assessment task simulate what marketers do as part of their roles, where working in groups to present, secure and implement a campaign is a requirement.
    1. Form a group with your peers (2-3 students per group) by week 7.

    a. Please notify your learning facilitator if you need to be allocated to a group by week 7.

    2. As a group, create an IMC plan to promote a new service or product. You have a budget of AU$ 20,000.
    3. To do this, you need to:

    a. Identify a local small business with an online presence (such as a website or social media activity) that provides enough information to assist you in gaining a good insight into their activities.

    b. Research your chosen business and document your observations.

    i. You do not need to contact this business, as you will not be presenting your assessment to them.

    c. Establish the overview of the business and its target audience, and decide on the type of promotion you are planning to organise.

    i. The type of promotion is up to you. For example, a local coffee shop, which is introducing healthy smoothies into their menu, or a local gym that is reducing their membership fee or introducing yoga classes.

    d. Consider and determine the integrated communication tools best suited for your plan and client.

    i. Draw from academic resources to support your ideas.

    e. Create your written campaign and creative campaign pitch.

    Part A- written campaign, suggested outline:
     Introduction – introduce the business.
     Target Audience- outline who is their current target audience and create a profile/persona.
     Objective – what are your promotional objective/s for the campaign?
     IMC Tools – outline the integrated marketing tools you have selected and discuss why they are appropriate for this campaign. How are they integrated? Use academic resources on IMC theory to support your ideas. 
     Campaign Outline – provide an overview of your campaign including the creative strategy and justify your ideas.
     Include an example of one of the integrated marketing communication tools brought to life (This could be an outdoor signage, social media campaign or similar).

    o An example of this could be (1) creating what your social media activity may look life. (2) You may be considering doing a TV or radio ad – have fun creating this using your mobile phone. (3) If it is a billboard, magazine or newspaper ad, create the example through your artwork capabilities on your personal computer.

     Timeline of your activities –outline the timing of each activity and how they will be evaluated in a Gantt chart (information discussed in module 5.2).
     Budget – list and justify how you will spend the budget.
     Evaluation of the campaign – how will you measure the campaign’s success?
     Reference List: this assessment task should include appropriate academic referencing and a reference list following APA 6th edition style of referencing. Please see the Academic Skills page on Blackboard for information on referencing in APA 6th ed. : _1&content_id=_2498849_1
    Part B- Campaign pitch
    Imagine you are selling this idea to the local business. Therefore, you should create a pitch that is different, lively and engaging, but most importantly professional and persuasive.
    The pitch can be created in power point, prezi or similar presentation software. Be conscious of how you present the information to achieve your objective: engaging your audience and ultimately selling them your idea.
    Avoid an overreliance on text in your presentation. This pitch’s duration is 10 minutes, and as a reference, you should plan for 2-3 minutes per slide. Online students will need to make a video of their presentation. Instructions will be provided by your learning facilitator.
    Ensure you include the key information from your report but only in point form. Similarly, you should use imagery throughout the presentation to support your pitch.
    One key aspect that must be included in your pitch is your Integrated Marketing Communication tool example brought to life. This example should be part of the presentation slides. For instance, a link to a video, voice over or a photograph/screen shot of your ad or social media idea. The demonstration of your example to your audience is paramount to achieve your objective, which is to win the client’s approval.
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