MKT570 – What is IMC? – Blog Discussion !

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    What is IMC? – Blog Discussion

    IMC or “Integrated Marketing Communications” can be defined as the integration of all the promotional tools of an organization so that common marketing objectives can be accomplished. It is an amalgamation of the various advertising/marketing/ and other communication tools of an organization so that there can be the maximization of profits. It is important to create effective IMC messages as well as images so that they can convey the right meaning to the consumers. As defined by Belch et al. (2014), the latest technologies such as mobile devices, internet, and traditional marketing channels are modifying the way companies utilize their marketing tools for communicating with their consumers in a better way.

                Luxton, Reid, and Mavondo (2015) opine that the IMC capability of a firm has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the campaign and also an indirect impact on the market-based performance of the brands. A good IMC campaign would certainly increase the success of a marketing campaign and it would be interpreted by the consumers in a much better way. The IMC experts are able to demonstrate a global as well multicultural awareness in the process of development as well as the implementation of the marketing communication strategies. It is always expected that the marketing communication tools work in harmony with each other so that they can be much more effective in reaching out to the target audience (Blakeman, 2018). There was a rapid transformation from the fragmented to the various integrated marketing communication that is propelled by the unlimited internet access and the consumers have greater availability of the different goods as well as services.


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