MKT600 Marketing assignment

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    Subject Code:  MKT600 

    Title: Marketing

    Assessment 1: Situation Analysis

    Length: 2000 words


    How the assessment fits into the subject/course:

    Marketing in the 21st Century has profoundly evolved and is a critical component of business administration. The design of marketing plans is integral to business organisation and the assessment for this subject aims to provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge of developing effective marketing strategies. This assessment requires the students to analyse market trends before developing a marketing strategy. There is a short scenario for students to address the assessment tasks.

    Linkages between Assessments 1 and 2:

    Assessment 1 requires students to undertake the SWOT analysis of their chosen organisation. In doing so, students are referred to consult the IBISWorld database through Torrens Library to do the preliminary research to specify an industry and an organisation within the given industry that they intend to write their assignments. Students can also select an organisation from their home country or elsewhere but need to ensure that they have access to the data that they need to work on their assignments. Students are expected to summarise the situation analysis from their assessment 1 while discussing this section within the marketing plan in the assessment 2.


    This assessment task requires you to develop a Marketing Environmental Analysis that comprises both the microenvironment and macroenvironment. The micro-environment analysis involves scrutiny of the internal environment that facilitates specifying the strengths and weaknesses, while, the macro-environment analysis requires the scrutiny of PESTLE dimensions which will assist in specifying the opportunities and threats. Changes within the macro environmental forces are outside of an organisation’s direct control requiring an organisation’s marketing strategies to be adjusted to capture emerging opportunities and minimise any potential threats.

    Therefore, in this assessment task you will need to:

    • Demonstrate your learning about marketing concepts and principles covered so far and allow yourself to demonstrate your level of understanding of them.

    • Analyse the link between marketing practice and marketing theory

    • Demonstrate research skills to reveal the insights

    • Apply appropriate business report writing skills

    • Use the appropriate citation of references and a reference list in your written work. It is essential that you use the appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing here:

    • Discuss appropriate strategies aligning to your market analysis.


    Choose an organisation intending to expand either through a new product development or a new business/market development.


    1. Discuss the background of your chosen business/organisation

    2. Analyse the microenvironment (the relevant publics, the suppliers and the marketing intermediaries).

    3. Summarise the likely competitors, what they offer and who they seem to target

    4. Analyse the macro-environment. What are the society-wide influences on your chosen organisation? Are there demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, or cultural trends that will affect the business of your chosen organisation?

    5. Summarise strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats using the SWOT matrix. Use the SWOT/TOWS matrix and discuss appropriate strategies to capture opportunities, defend threats and overcome weaknesses.

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