MRKT20052 Assessment 2: Marketing Plan

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    MRKT20052 Assessment 2:

    Marketing Plan

    Students are required to choose ONE of four businesses/products listed in Moodle. These are new products/services which will be introduced into the Australian market early in 2020. This assessment requires students to work individually on their selected business/product to create a comprehensive strategic marketing plan with a maximum word limit of 2,500 (from the introduction to the references). Your assessment should be an application of relevant marketing concepts that you have learned throughout this unit.

    There is no need to go into details about explaining marketing concepts, rather it should be an applied discussion (i.e. do not provide definitions and descriptions of relevant concepts, instead you are required to apply those to your selected business/product; you will be assessed on the quality of your conducted analysis).

    Please upload the assessment through the Assessment 2 Moodle submission link. Each assessment must be uploaded as a word document in a .doc or .docx file. Use APA Referencing style.

    All assessments may be checked by the marker and Unit Coordinator for potential academic misconduct issues. Therefore, write in your own words, do NOT use Google Translate or Spin, do NOT copy a part or all of a friend’s assessment or pay someone else to do your assessment. It is not just your Turnitin score that counts but whether a staff member feels that this is not your own work that may make us investigate your assessment more deeply.

    If you are suspected of academic misconduct, it will be forwarded to an appropriate authority and severe penalties will be applied if you are found guilty.

    Product Website/weblink
    #1 Ohnsman, A. (2018). Would-Be Tesla Semi Rival Thor Gets Rolling With
      Electric UPS Trucks. Retrieved from:
    #2 Introducing the Vulcan II: The first 3D-printed home in America. Retrieved
    #3 Vollebak (2019). Solar Charged Jacket. Part running jacket. Part high tech
      toy. Winner of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2018. Retrieved from:
    #4 Curiouser Products Inc. (2019). The Mirror. Retrieved from:

    Recommended structure of the report:

    Title page: The title page will include the title of your assignment, name of the business/product you prepared your marketing plan for, your name, student ID, campus, lecturer/tutor name, unit name and code and word count from Introduction to References.

    Table of contents: The table of contents will present each section of the report, including sub-headings, with their appropriate page number(s). Sections should be numbered with page number (e.g. 1.0 Introduction on page 1). Pages prior to the introduction should use lower case Roman numerals such as i, ii, iii, iv.

    Executive summary: The executive summary contains the key points of the whole report in 3-5 paragraphs written on a single page. This is not an introduction to your assignment, ensure to present a summary of key findings of the entire report. Hint: write this last!

    Introduction: The introduction section should provide background information of the selected company and its product or service and explain what sections will be included in the report.

    Situation analysis: This section should include a PESTEL analysis, a competitor analysis, and SWOT analysis.

    Customer analysis: Discussion of the segmentation, targeting and positioning approach. Discuss the potential customer segments for your product or service and which one(s) you wish to target with good justifications. Also, discuss the desired positioning for the product or service and develop a clear positioning statement.

    Problem Statement: Clearly identify the problems the product will face when introduced in the Australian market in 2020 based on the situation and customer analysis. Is it a lack of awareness, pricing, distribution or other problems?

    Objectives: Set 3 to 5 marketing objectives. Relate the objectives to your problem statement, situation and customer analysis. All objectives should be described using the SMART approach.

    Marketing mix strategy: Cover product, price, promotion and place aspects for your product.

    Campaign evaluation: This section should cover specific effectiveness measures for each strategy, overall control measures for the marketing plan, and contingency actions should also be identified. Measures need to be actually measurable in some way.

    Budget allocation: Your budget allocation should be reasonable. It should also linked to the objectives and the marketing mix strategy.

    Conclusion: Includes a summary of the key points of your report.

    Evidence of research: Provide a list of at least 15 (fifteen) references of relevant published academic and research papers, textbooks and authentic internet sources. Only references used in the main body of your report should be included in your reference list. Referencing should follow the APA style, which can be found at You will be assessed on the quality and integration of research in the writeup to support key points. Any website which is used to find statistical information is also considered as part of evidence of research. Useful websites include Australian Bureau of Statistics, Austrade, CIA Factbook, Doing Business and any state or Commonwealth Authority websites.

    Report format and writing style: Use of headings, sub headings, cohesion of paragraphs need to be of high quality. The report is to be very professionally presented with superior layout and font and heading styles. Language used, sentence construction, grammar, punctuation and spelling all need to be very professional with no easily discernible errors. You need a professional structure that guides the reader through a logical analysis. You can use the example given on pages 69-73 in the textbook as a guide.

    The preparation for this assessment involves extensive research and you will need to start working on this assessment as early as possible.

    Assessment Criteria:

    Marking criteria is provided below, however, a more detailed marking rubric is provided on Moodle.

    • Introductory section (4 marks)
    • Situation and customer analysis incl problem statement (8 marks)
    • Objectives and marketing strategy (8 marks)
    • Evaluation and budget, and conclusion (8 marks)
    • Evidence of research and referencing (8 marks)
    • Report format and writing style (4 marks)

    Penalties apply for late submission (2 marks will be deducted from the total mark for every day late unless an approved extension has been granted by the Unit Coordinator).

    Submission checklist for Assessment 2:

    • Cover page with student name, student ID, campus, tutor, tutorial class, word count from introduction to reference list
    • 5 line spacing and 12 size font in Times New Roman;
    • Maximum of 2,500 words for the report between the introduction and the references;
    • Submitted in .doc or .docx format
    • Weightin: 40%
    • Word limit: 2,500 words


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