The objective of this assignment is to enable the students to enhance their understanding and knowledge on the fundamental concepts of human resource management specifically on managing the grievance process.


You are required to answer ONE (1) assignment. This assignment should be completed individually.

Read the case below and answer all the questions.


After a meeting with the operations manager of your organisation, you close the door to your office so you can think of strategies to resolve an issue that has come up. The operations manager casually mentioned he had just finished a performance review of one of his employees and offered the employee a large raise because of all the hours the employee was putting in. The raise was equal to 11 percent of the employee’s salary. The operations manager, being new both to the company and to a union, wasn’t aware of the contract agreement surrounding pay increases. An employee must receive a minimum of a 2 percent pay increase per year and a maximum of 7 percent per year based on the contract. You worry that if the union gets to know about this, everyone at that employee’s pay level may file a grievance asking for the same pay raise. Of course, the challenge is that the manager already told this person he would be receiving the 11 percent raise. You know you need to act fast to remedy this situation.

You are required to interview a human resource manager to get his or her expert opinion to solve the following case questions. In addition, students are suggested to do their own research in order to state their agreement and argument to the expert opinion.

Case Questions

1.As an HR professional, what should you have done initially to prevent this issue from happening?
(8 marks)

2.Recommend a specific strategy to be implemented stating how you will prevent this from happening in the future.
(12 marks)

3.What would you do about the 11 percent pay raise that was already promised to the employee?
(8 marks)

4.If the union files a grievance, what type of grievance do you think it would be? Provide reasoning for your answer.
(10 marks)

5.If the union does file a grievance, draft a response to the grievance to share with your upper-level managers on how to remedy the situation.
(12 marks)

6.Conclusion and recommendations
(10 marks)


Understanding & Knowledge on the fundamentals concepts of human resource management assignment help

This particular assignment involves a case study on the fundamental concepts of human resource management. After reading the case study, you have to take an interview of the human resource manager for seeking the opinion for solving t questions which are mentioned in question paper. Along with that, you also have to carry out your own research for stating the argument/ agreement as per the opinion of the expert.

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