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    Individual Assignment
    • Demonstrate data scraping of a social network of choice.
    • Develop technical documentation, including the development of the code & detailing
    the results.
    • Provide a report on the findings, that includes research into the ethics & security
    ramifications of your ability to data scrape, and any suggested mitigations (if
    Due Date & Time
    Data scraping code & output to be demonstrated in the practical sessions in Week 9.
    Both technical documentation and findings report are due Friday, 6th October at 5pm via
    FLO handin only.
    You should, using the tutorial techniques and tasks from the secondary textbook, (Mining
    the Social Web, 2nd edition), develop a program in Python that provides a data scrape of
    as chosen social network. You may use the provided examples as starting point, but it is
    expected you will extend the output further.
    Write a technical report documenting your code development and outlining the data result.
    Finally, develop a report examining the data results, and analyse ethics, privacy, and
    security implications. Use research to discuss your findings.
    Include references, which must be to Academic Standard, (see the links below for guides
    and assistance).
    Academic Integrity
    You are reminded that Academic Integrity is expected for every assignment. You MUST
    reference in the appropriate academic style. You may use IEEE or Harvard referencing
    styles. Please remember the tips, tools and techniques
    Any sources or attributions in your referencing must be additional to content. The cover
    page and TOC are also additional to content.
    PDF Format ONLY. The file name MUST be FAN_IndividualAssignment.pdf – where FAN is
    YOUR FAN (e.g. bond0007_IndividualAssignment.pdf). You MUST include your name and
    student number on the TOP LEFT HAND Side only.]
    It must have standard margins, single spacing, and no more than one line gap between
    paragraphs. Arial/Helvetica fonts only, size 12 for the main content (headers etc size 14-16
    only). Nothing else will be accepted.
    It is to be a suitable technical report format for a client, but must still have an appendix
    holding the bibliography, if any sources require citation.
    There may be diagrams, but they must be used wisely, and may be penalised if overused.
    All tables, figures and diagrams must be cited properly.
    It is to be a standard Report format, (see the links below for guides and assistance).
    Overuse of whitespace will be penalised (see the links below for guides and assistance).
    If you have any queries, please contact me at once using the One to One communication
    (as first preference), or see me during consultation times (Monday, 1 – 3 in 4.23).
    This assignment is worth 35% of your overall grade. The grading breakdown is supplied in
    a Rubric separately.

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