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CITS1401 Problem Solving and Programming Python Assignment

Project 2: Election Night Revisted – The Real Deal You are to construct a Python program containing your solution to the problem described below. You must submit your program electronically using cssubmit. No other method of submission is allowed. You are expected to have read and understood the University’s guidelines on academic conduct. In accordance with this policy, you may discuss with other students the general principles required to understand this project, but the work you submit must be the result of your own effort. Plagiarism detection, and other sytems for detecting potential malpractice, will therefore be used. Besides, if what you submit…


ICT702 , Python Data Wrangling – Child Mortality

Theme: Child Mortality Your task is to investigate mortality levels of children, infants and babies around the world.  Which countries have a high rate of child deaths and which countries have low rates?  Are there connections between child mortality rates and the income levels of the country, or the region where they are situated?  Are the child mortality rates improving in recent years or getting worse?  Reduction of child mortality was Goal 4 of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015): The two files you need to download are available from these web pages (or can be downloaded from the ICT702…


CMP-5036A Information Retrieval, crawl and index

Overview The aim of this assignment is to construct a simple search engine. You are expected to program this in Python, although you will not be penalised for the use of another language. Aims To give students practical experience of information retrieval systems, experimental work and evaluation Learning outcomes Improved program design and coding skills. Improved research and communications skills. Assessment criteria You will submit code and present your system in a short demonstration. Marks will be awarded for: – the design and functionality of the system, – the organization of the demonstration, – the quality of your code, which you…



Individual Assignment Tasks • Demonstrate data scraping of a social network of choice. • Develop technical documentation, including the development of the code & detailing the results. • Provide a report on the findings, that includes research into the ethics & security ramifications of your ability to data scrape, and any suggested mitigations (if required). Due Date & Time Data scraping code & output to be demonstrated in the practical sessions in Week 9. Both technical documentation and findings report are due Friday, 6th October at 5pm via FLO handin only. Objective You should, using the tutorial techniques and tasks from…


CSP1150D Programming Principles assignment

Individual Programming assignment (“Number Test”) Background Information This assignment tests your understanding of and ability to apply the programming concepts we have covered in the unit so far, including the usage of variables, input/output, data types, selection, iteration, functions and data structures. Pseudocode As emphasised in the case study of Module 5, it is important to take the time to properly design a solution before starting to write code. Hence, this assignment requires you to write and submit pseudocode of your program design as well as the code for the program. Furthermore, while your tutors are happy to provide help and…

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