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    Assignment Brief/ Coursework Content:

    This is the second piece of coursework for the CS4860 (Software Project Management). This coursework has the following goals:
     To apply the Scrum agile methodology to plan, monitor, and steer the work of a software development team.
     To evidence the correct and meaningful use of the Scrum artifacts and ceremonies, and relate them to the needs from the organisation and the development team.
     To reflect upon the observed benefits and challenges of agile approaches, and specifically Scrum.

    The coursework is divided into 2 parts :

    1.1 Part A: use of Scrum
    In this part, you will need to describe the experience of using Scrum in a project. You should apply Scrum to your CS4870 Team Project module, or you can describe your experience using it in another team project you have worked on.
    You will be expected to provide the following information:

    1. A discussion of the business context that motivated the project, the needs to be met, the stakeholders involved in the project, and the timelines involved. Any particular pressures on the project should be mentioned here.
    2. A risk management plan which identifies at least two risks associated with the project. Your plan should include a table mentioning the description of the risk, its estimated likelihood and impact, and your mitigation strategy.
    3. A discussion of how you structured your team in relation to the Scrum roles, and the reasons for choosing that approach. If the roles rotated over time, mention how it was done and your reasons for doing the rotation.
    4. Evidence of using the various artifacts in Scrum (user stories, product/sprint backlogs, and release/sprint burndown charts). You should discuss how these artifacts were produced and used by the team.
    5. Evidence of following the Scrum ceremonies (standups, sprint planning and retrospectives, and sprint reviews). For the CS4870 Team Project module, you can consider the sprint reviews to be the meetings with your technical mentor.
    Discuss how you structured your sprint planning and retrospective sessions, and your reasons for following that approach. For the sprint reviews, you should discuss any agremeents or compromises that had to be made

    1.2 Part B: reflection on Scrum

    In this second part of the document, you should include two reflections:
    1. The first reflection should be about the observed benefits of Scrum.
    2. The second reflection should be about the challenges you noticed when applying Scrum, or any limitations/difficulties you identified when using it.

    We recommend that you follow a structured approach for each of these approaches, using e.g. the Kolb learning cycle and its four stages (concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation, and active experimentation).

    Descriptive details of Assignment:

    Both part A and B are mandatory:
    – Part A (around 15 pages) is worth 75% of the marks.
    – Part B (around 2 pages) is worth 25% of the marks.

    You may use as many appendices as you like to provide evidence.
    If you have any circumstances that prevent you from submitting any of the components in time, you are advised to contact your program director Dr.Sylvia Wong as soon as possible.

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