BUS5SMM- Sustainable Management and Marketing !

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Assessment Task 1 - Description of Task and Assessment Criteria Written Marketing Sustainability Analysis 1) Choose one of the five (7) vehicle manufacturing organizations below: Tesla Ford Motor Company General Motors Honda Motor Company Oshkosh Tata Motors Toyota 2) Background to the case: Examine the local and international marketing strategies for the company you have chosen. [...]

BUS5SMM Guidelines for Management assignment (Assessment 3)

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The aim of this assignment is to conduct a management analysis of Tassal - http://www.tassal.com.au The report should contain the following elements (please see marking rubrics for more details):  #  Background, introduction and importance of company to the Australian and international business landscape: Focus on its international business environment and funnel it down to Australian base  # [...]

BUS5SMM Marketing Assignment !

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Get assignment help for this particular assignment by placing your order at plagfree.com OR you can also mail us at plagfreework@gmail.com Individual Marketing Assignment- Report - Worth 40% - 2500 words  - Times New Roman 12-point font, double line spacing - Harvard referencing- 15-20 references expected - Due: Week 12 Thursday at 11.30pm via Turnitin (After [...]