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Importance of Leadeship for an Organization-Assignment Help!

Question 3: Based on the theories covered, discuss the importance of leadership for an organization. Draw on work or study experiences and other examples to support your answer. (300 words worth 10 marks) Leadership is defined as an art of influencing people to perform the assigned targets or timelines willingly as well as efficiently. A leader sets the vision for business, motivates as well as guides employees throughout the work process and also builds their morale. By doing this, it allows the organization to maximize its organizational efficiency followed by achieving the overall goals and objectives of business. It also plays…


Motivating Employees-Assignment help !

Question 2: Give five practical suggestions for motivating employees and explain why you think they are effective? Employees are known to be the most valuable asset of business and managing them can be one of the most significant yet most challenging tasks required of HRM. One objective that should feature in any HRM plan is the motivation of one’s employees. Employee motivation is a key to individual performance, team productivity as well as to maintain a positive culture within the business enterprise. But how exactly to motivate the employees is something that management always found itself struggling with? Innovation is always…


Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its significance in worlplace!

Question 1: What is emotional intelligence (EI) and how important is it in the workplace?  Emotions play a critical role in the overall quality of our decisions whether in our personal lives or professional lives. While tools, as well as technology, can help us to learn and master our knowledge, skills, as well as information nothing, can replace our ability to identify and regulate our emotions and those of people around us. Emotional intelligence is simply defined as the capability of an individual to identify as well as manage one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of people around with…